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5 Best CBD Gummies and Why Athletes Are Using Them

The past couple of years have been quite lucrative for various CBD product companies. More and more people are giving these products a try after learning the multiple benefits of cannabis. There is also ongoing discussion about how cannabidiol can affect athletic performance.

CBD has spread its roots across various age groups and multiple industries – including high-level athletes. During the last two years, several professionals in the sports industry have been advising different commissions to revise their stance on CBD use. Why? Because several athletes who retired from career-ending injuries claim that using cannabidiol-based products improved their symptoms significantly. You can expect some changes in substance testing procedures in the years to come.

Athletes are Becoming Vocal about CBDs Benefits

Back in the day, football players suffered numerous concussions due to head collisions. Since there were limited reliable studies on how debilitating concussions were, these athletes continued playing and paid the price later on. A lot of these players ended up with conditions like Alzheimer's, insomnia, PTSD, and depression. With no cure in sight, these individuals had to endure pain for the rest of their lives.

Recently, however, athletic commissions are fully aware of what concussions can do, which is why they impose strict regulations about it. Players get tested for the problem regularly and do not get clearance to participate in tournaments if they display severe symptoms associated with head injuries. Usually, athletes had to wait for an extended period to return. However, some of them are returning sooner than anticipated. They claim that ingesting CBD helps them recover from these injuries.

Concussions aside, cannabis has several other benefits for athletes. Pros claim that they feel more relaxed, focused, and have better training sessions. A few sportsmen even claim that taking CBD products enhanced their careers. All of these testaments convinced the World Anti-Doping Agency to change its policy about CBD use. Now, players can take cannabis products before competing as they contain low THC levels (below 0.3%).

Best CBD Gummies

Most athletes use CBD gummies. They offer a tasty and convenient alternative to conventional cannabis-based products. Here is a list of five of the most popular gummies and why athletes are using them.

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Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web is a go-to company for several pro athletes. Its variety of first-rate CBD products has helped competitors achieved longevity in their respective sport. The company's CBD gummies have been a game-changer for users. They contain several essential minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids. Plus, they are plant-based, which allows vegan athletes can also benefit from them. 

These gummies contain low tetrahydrocannabinol, which means that players do not have to worry about testing positive by their sport's respective doping committee.

Verma Farms

Verma farms are a famous CBD gummy brand among professional athletes. Many soccer players speak highly about it in their interviews. Despite being relatively new to the industry, this brand took very little time to win over users with its unique CBD gummies. What makes Verma Farm's gummies better than other brands is that they contain pure cannabidiol and are available in several tantalizing flavors.

Based in Maui, Hawaii, this company operates in a place full of renowned athletes. Since numerous American football players and boxers come from Hawaii, the company takes its CBD products more seriously than others.

Joy Organics

If you are an aspiring athlete looking to benefit from CBD, try Joy Organic's gummies. So far, the company offers two flavors – Green Apple and Strawberry lemonade. These jellies contain broad-spectrum cannabidiol, and their quality and consistency are excellent. Numerous top-level athletes rely on Joy Organic's gummies to recover from grueling games and training routines.


People in the sporting world have different lifestyles. They like to include specific ingredients in their daily diet, believing that they will give them an edge over their competitors. Turmeric and melatonin are a couple of items that quite a lot of athletes incorporate in their diet. CBDfx combines these ingredients in its all-natural CBD gummies and offers you the ultimate performance-boosting edible.


PureKana is a popular name in the sports industry. Several high-level athletes remain loyal to this brand because of its vegan CBD gummies. Perfect for muscle recovery and restful sleep, this treat offers you all CBD benefits, along with some other nutritious ingredients.

Final Thoughts

As CBD becomes more popular among sportspeople, more brands will direct their product lines for professional athletes. Expect to see some big names representing your favorite brand in the coming years.

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