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6 Truths and Myths about Hemp CBD


Some CBD Products Can Cause Side Effects

Unlike what most CBD enthusiasts would have you believe, it’s not all lollipops and rainbows with CBD products. In some cases, people have experienced adverse reactions, albeit reasonably mild ones.

Compared to the side effects that some conventional drugs cause, CBD is still quite safe. It is a big reason why a fair amount of people prefer CBD in comparison to traditional pharmaceutical medicine.

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CBD Can Come from Marijuana and Hemp

No, CBD is not just exclusively present in hemp plants. It comes from a group of more than 100 similar chemical compounds known as cannabinoids, which you can abundantly find in cannabis plants.

Marijuana and hemp both contain CBD, but hemp contains higher concentrations of CBD as opposed to its psychoactive counterpart THC.

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CBD Is Far from a Cure

Sure, CBD offers a helping hand to support overall health and wellness. Nonetheless, it is far from being a cure-all. To claim that CBD is capable of curing anything would be scientifically inaccurate. There are various root causes behind diseases, and although you can somewhat manage these diseases through CBD products, you will not be eliminating the primary cause.

You Will Feel Good after Taking CBD

CBD is not entirely non-psychoactive, like most claims would have you believe. However, it will still not get you high. CBD does not interact with our CB1 receptors the way THC does, which is why it does not produce a high. CB1s activation is the only mechanism that causes the brain to experience psychoactive effects.

Nonetheless, you can still feel good after taking CBD. This feeling occurs because of CBD’s ability to boost a feel-good cannabinoid called anandamide.

CBD Is Classified as a Medicine (To Some Extent)

Most CBD products, in stores and online, fall into the supplement category. However, MHRA (medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency) had other opinions about this. They claimed that it is medicine as long as sellers promote it for medicinal reasons. This topic remains a grey area, but the emergence of Epidiolex, which is an FDA approved CBD drug, suggests that healthcare professionals and regulators are slowly changing their opinions on CBD. 

People Have Been Using CBD for Centuries

Although CBD gained mainstream attention relatively recently, it has been around for centuries. There is even documented use of cannabis across Japan, China, Europe, Egypt, and India. Some conventional CBD uses included treatments for pain, insomnia, menstrual cramps, and anxiety. 


CBD Oil and Hemp Oil are the same

There is a significant difference between CBD oil and hemp oil. Hemp oil is exclusively derived from a hemp plant’s seeds. While the seeds have plenty of beneficial nutrients like fatty acids and omega oils, they have little to no CBD. The flowers, stalks, and leaves of hemp plants, however, do have CBD.

You Can Get Addicted to CBD

According to a comprehensive review conducted by the World Health Organization, CBD does not exhibit any effects that indicate dependence on human beings.

CBD Is Not Psychoactive

Although CBD will not induce psychoactive effects like tetrahydrocannabinol, many people claim that it lessens their anxiety and improves their mood. If CBD does have these effects, it wouldn’t be fair to rule out the presence of psychoactive elements from it.

Everyone Benefits from CBD

CBD’s benefits largely depend on your current state of health and the reason why you are using it in the first place. Some use CBD products to manage various disease symptoms, while others use it to brighten up their day. People who are already happy and healthy may not notice any effects whatsoever.

A Small Dosage is enough

Once again, doses depend on everybody’s unique conditions and CBD needs. Sure, taking small doses early on is a good idea to keep you on the safe side, but many users find that low doses don’t do the trick for them. This is especially true for people with severe anxiety or intense pain. High doses seem to be the only effective measure for these users.

All CBD Products are Equally Potent

This is one of the biggest myths that people buy into. Because of this, they often end up with subpar products with little to no potency. Some of these products even have additives and high amounts of THC, which in some places, is not legal.

Now that you know what’s right about CBD and what isn’t, you can make a well-informed decision on whether or not you should use it.

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