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Are CBD Gummies Safe to Take on Flights?

There is no denying that CBD's popularity is on the up and up. A lot of people who use it swear by it. However, the federal regulations regarding the chemical compound can be quite perplexing.  Recently, the Transportation Security Administration introduced a significant change in the rules about Cannabidiol. The new rule changes were also meant to offer passengers with the necessary information they would need to know about carrying hemp-derived oil, CBD gummies, or other CBD products on flights. Unfortunately, it seems like some of the language left would fliers confused rather than helping them out. If you happen to be someone who intends to fly with their CBD gummies or other CBD products, keep on reading.

CBD's Meteoric Rise to Popularity

CBD, which is cannabis' non-psychoactive component, is all the rage in wellness and health circles these days. Those who have used it know that the hype is well-deserved. After all, the compounds present in hemp and marijuana offer some serious benefits like reducing insomnia, anxiety, nausea, and a variety of other problems (although there is very little research that proves CBDs effectiveness).

To most hearing about CBD for the first time, it seems like a drug that works miracles. However, the United States Government may not fully agree. The rules that surround CBD sale, production, and transportation remains quite murky so far. Despite medical marijuana's legalization across more than 30 States, there are still some technicalities that leave people scratching their heads, especially when it comes to taking CBD products on flights.

What are CBD Gummies?

Gummies have been around for centuries. Initially, they only came in the form of simple candies for children. Later on, however, companies started to produce gummies with multivitamins for children who didn't like ingesting regular tablets. CBD gummies serve more or less the same purpose. Some people never get used to the taste of CBD oil. From its consistency to how bitter it can be, getting used to it seems impossible. However, this doesn't mean that you get to miss out on CBDs' various purported benefits as CBD jellies offer an excellent alternative.

These gummies come in a variety of flavors, shapes, and sizes. Some of them contain natural flavors, while some companies add a fair quantity of additives and artificial flavors in them to hide the bitter taste of CBD. That said, the potency of these gummies can vary depending on the brand you choose. You may even find it surprising that the product's strength can vary within brands as well. Therefore, it would be ideal to choose a renowned brand that a large quantity of people relies on.

Suffice to say, CBD gummies are a suitable alternative for people who cannot handle conventional products like tinctures and oils.

Are CBD Gummies and Other CBD Products Safe to Take on Flights

According to the new rules laid out by the TSA, medicines, and products that contain hemp-derived CBD are legal as long as the company that produced them follows all the statutory regulations present in 2018's Agricultural Improvement Act.

What this means is – you can only carry Epidiolex on your flights as it is the only FDA approved drug containing CBD. You can only obtain Epidiolex with a doctor's prescription. The medicine is only available for children that suffer from severe seizures. So, if you plan to carry Epidiolex for your flight, make sure that you have your doctor's note for good measure.

Every other product that people buy online or from their local mom and pop shop is not part of TSA's rules. So yes, sadly, you cannot take CBD gummies on flights. That being said, the Transportation Security Administration also makes it clear that its staff does not have time to check every nook and cranny for CBD gummies as their main focus is to detect possible threats to passengers and aviation.

However, if the security offers do find any illegal substance during security screening, they will refer the problem to law enforcement.

Is There Any Other Option?

With rules and regulations in place, it would be wise to err on the side of caution and play it safe. Sure, some people are lucky enough to carry their CBD gummies or other products in their flight, but it's better not to take the risk. You can always eat the gummies before entering the airport if you take them for anxiety. Otherwise, there is still the option to ship your gummies to your destination.

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