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Best CBD Products for Your Skin

If you are an avid follower of the beauty industry, you must have heard about cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is a popular new ingredient in many products. It comes from the cannabis plant but does not induce any psychoactive effects, even when people consume it orally.

This ingredient has generated an impressive following in the beauty world with several beauty products featuring CBD emerging in the markets daily, such as soaps, lotions, and bath bombs. This can be due to the ever-increasing number of studies that are producing positive results about CBD as a remarkable antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties.

So, whether your daily routine consists of luxurious skin lathering or a short mask session, CBD is making its way into every beauty regimen. Here are some CBD-infused products for skincare that you should know about.

1.    Emerald by Herbivore

Herbivore has recently launched a CBD-infused deep moisture glow gel. This is a similar formula as Herbivore’s Emerald glow gel from last year. This product is known as Herbivore’s Botanical Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil 100mg with a formulation that delivers quite a hydrating punch. Not just that, in fact, along with all the much-needed hydration, this product also gives your skin a soothing and calming effect thanks to the popular CBD ingredient.

Furthermore, the brand claims that it will donate $1 from each sale of the Emerald product to aid in the legalization struggle for cannabis. In addition to this, the brand will also work to promote organizations owned by females in the industry.

2.    Microdose Lip Gloss by Saint Jane

The CBD world brings its own version of a unicorn with the microdose lip gloss product. Along with being very relaxing, this product gives you a versatile gloss for lightweight wear and a sheer look. You can use this gloss as a layer over a dark lipstick for an extra glossy finish. Saint Jane looks upon calm as a superpower, so why not achieve it through satin-like, soothing lips?

3.    Luxury Beauty Serum by Saint Jane

This beauty serum by Saint Jane has an apt name for what it does. The base of this serum comprises grape seed and sunflower oil, combined with 500 milligrams of hemp oil. This product only requires a few drops to give instant smoothening and brightening effects. Many users have reviewed this product as a game-changer, claiming that it achieves an instant decrease in redness and boosts a natural glow on their skin.

4.    Wellness Body and High CBD Pain Cream by Lord Jones

This was the first brand to come up with CBD infusion in their marketing repertoire and is still holding on to cannabidiol’s magic strongly. This cream is a CBD trailblazer, as manufacturers have especially created it to tackle inflammatory issues. The product can also be an excellent solution for reducing pain.

5.    Nourishing Body Cream by Cannuka

Nourishing Body Cream by Cannuka is one of the best creams for body use, claims a majority of its users. This product features skin-calming and anti-inflammatory benefits and contains other ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or manuka honey. These ingredients are a winning combination to make your skin feel baby-soft.

6.    CBD Infused Hora Super Serum

This is a good addition to every girl’s skincare regime. This CBD-infused product works well when you apply it before your moisturizer and offers a good hydrating base to give you a smooth surface for your makeup application.

7.    Kiehl’s Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate

This CBD infused product is very helpful for people suffering from redness and acne. It brings an instant reduction in redness and makes acne-prone skin feel smooth and calm. The concentrate combines the best of green oregano oil and sativa seed oil derived from hemp cannabis. This product offers much-needed antioxidant and antiseptic properties naturally.

8.    Khus+Khus Sen Face Serum

This product is a good option for promoting skin elasticity with a gentle and soothing effect. The product contains an essential oil for tonics and rhododendron, which are very skin-friendly components. Furthermore, the manufacturer of this product prioritizes the user’s knowledge of the product and its ingredients. You can find a glossary on the website that explains the concepts of allostasis and phytotherapy to all the beauty fans for easy understanding. The advantage of this brand is that it offers samples for those who are hesitant to switch to new beauty products blindly.

Here is your list of the best CBD products that can take care of a variety of your skin conditions. Pick the one that addresses your concerns and see if CBD can make it into your daily beauty regime.