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Can CBD Get You High?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid. It is a natural compound present in hemp and cannabis. There are hundreds of compounds in hemp and cannabis plants; however, CBD became the center of attention recently due to federal and state law changes, some of which caused an increase of products infused with CBD oil.

THC is another well-recognized cannabinoid. It is also referred to as tetrahydrocannabinol. Unlike CBD, THC has psychoactive effects associated with it.

CBD has numerous health benefits associated with it. People notice significant improvements in their depression and anxiety after taking CBD products. Quite a lot of people are afraid to use CBD products because they believe it will make them feel euphoric effects. Generally, however, people do not experience euphoric effects after taking CBD products.

Why People Believe CBD Would Make them High

Since CBD and THC occur naturally in cannabis plants, they can be isolated from the THC compound as well as the cannabis plant. Companies infuse CBD into edibles, oils, tinctures, and a variety of other products without THC. Despite that, a fair amount of people show concern that CBD will make them experience similar effects to marijuana. However, CBD is free from intoxicating effects, which means that you will not experience a high with it.

In addition, CBD is derivable from hemp plants. Hemp is free from psychoactive effects as well. In fact, hemp-derived CBD is legal in a lot of states, which goes to show how safe it is. Hemp-based CBD products are not permitted to have THC levels above 0.3 percent. These low THC levels make CBD products free from psychoactive symptoms.

Does CBD Oil Make You High

As soon as it is extracted from cannabis or hemp, CBD is addable to various products like oils, lotions, and tinctures. CBD oil is perhaps the most popular CBD related product. Users can add it in their vape pens, food, drinks, or take it under their tongue (sublingually).

Various CBD products are excellent for lowering anxiety and promoting relaxation. Numerous renowned sources have also claimed that CBD can reduce pain, depression and anxiety symptoms, which is not equivalent to the high that marijuana causes.

High CBD concentrations are capable of causing uplifting effects; however, these effects are not the same thing as marijuana highs.

CBD and Health

CBD has numerous positive benefits. Some of them are even backed up by research. Users feel relaxed and elated but never feel intoxicated. People who suffer from epilepsy also benefit from using CBD products. The food and drugs administration’s approval of Epidiolex, a CBD based drug to control seizures, testifies that CBD is as safe as it gets.

Some doctors have also noticed CBD's capability of reducing schizophrenia-related symptoms. It is a far better alternative than antipsychotic medication in some cases. As more favorable results regarding hemp-based CBD come to the forefront, people are starting to rely on it to improve their various health conditions.

Are There any Side Effects Associated With CBD

According to the World Health Organization, CBD is completely safe. There are still tons of ongoing researches that are trying to comprehend the full spectrum of possible uses and effects of CBD.

Although CBD is generally well-received by most users, some users could experience some side effects when they use CBD, particularly at high concentrations. Here are some of the rare side effects.

  • Dry mouth
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Mild nausea
  • Diarrhea

Users who take prescription medications should talk to their doctors before they use CBD products even if their THC concentration is low. The reason for it is – some medicines could lose their potency or interact with CBD and cause side effects.

Are CBD Products Legal

Hemp-based CBD with THC levels below 0.3 percent is legal in the U.S. The laws could vary from state to state, which is why it would be wise to check your state's laws before buying CBD a product

Bottom Line

CBD is extractable from cannabis plants, but will not create the same state of euphoria or high as THC or marijuana. Users should preferably choose hemp-derived CBD products since their THC levels are below 0.3 percent. Check the labels of CBD products to cross-check the THC content and make sure it is tested for quality by a renowned third party. Brands that do not mention THC levels or third party test verifications on their labels are usually not legitimate.