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Can CBD Stop My Dog from Barking?

Is your dog barking excessively? If so, it is likely getting on your neighbors’ nerves, and you have already received numerous complaints as well. No one wants to be the family or person hated by everybody because of their loud dog, and so, you’re out to find a solution.

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You may be wondering the reason why some dogs bark more than others and if CBD oil or other CBD products could cut down on the dog’s barking. Well, this is what you must know:

Understanding CBD Oil

For those who do not know, the psychoactive component present in cannabis plants is referred to as THC. CBD, on the other hand, is a hemp component that consists of various medicinal qualities. The great thing about CBD is that it doesn’t induce THC’s ‘high,’ which means that almost anyone can consume it without worries. So what makes marijuana and hemp different? Well, marijuana and hemp are separate subtypes of cannabis plants. The THC level in hemp is below 0.3 percent. Marijuana, on the other hand, contains a high percentage of THC (up to 30 percent). Although both these cousin plants are capable of offering similar benefits, the CBD oil extracted from hemp is free from THC’s negative effects.

CBD impacts the endocannabinoid system; this includes all the receptors inside a human or animal’s body. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for balancing the inner body despite all the fluctuations it has. Needless to say, it can affect every part of our body, as well as our pets. This is precisely why there is a firm belief that cannabis products are capable of helping with a wide range of problems like inflammation, anxiety, and much more.

Try CBD Pet Drops or CBD Dog Treats to reduce dog barking.

Understanding Why Some Dogs Bark Excessively

There are numerous reasons why dogs bark. It is their only way to communicate with other dogs and human beings. Mentioned below are some common reasons why dogs bark:


Dogs often bark when they feel playful or see someone they have fun playing with. Whenever a dog barks in a playful mood, it is evident from its body language. A wagging tail is the best indicator of playful body language.

Feeling Protective or Territorial

Excessive barking sometimes arises because a dog wants to mark its territory or wants to protect something or someone important. This type of barking is usually a warning sign for the other animal or even a human to back away. You can notice territorial barking by observing louder barks as the threat comes closer to the dog. The dog will also look more alert and aggressive than usual.

Fear or Alarm

Dogs never shy away from expressing their emotions. So, whenever they are afraid or startled from something, they will bark excessively. You may find it surprising that quite a lot of dogs that are perceived to be aggressive are the opposite. They are anxious or afraid, and sadly do not have other ways to express their emotions.

Health Problems

Your dog may very well be screaming from pain caused by a health problem. Often times, deafness, and canine cognitive function can go unnoticed in dogs, which causes them to bark excessively. If you think that your dog barks because of an underlying health issue, taking it for the evaluation would be a wise idea.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs often get absolutely panicked if you leave them alone. Not only will they start barking incessantly, but they also tend to display destructive behavior, particularly around doors and windows, as they attempt to escape.

Can CBD Oil Stop my Dog from Barking

Of course, if your dog is barking because it is in a playful mood, giving it CBD oil would neither prevent them from barking and nor would administering the oil be a good idea. However, you can address your dog’s barking with CBD oil if it suffers from health problems, pain, anxiety, fear, or anything that causes it to become overly aggressive.  CBD’s calming qualities can relax your dog’s mind and body like few other things could.

Since the endocannabinoid system acts as a pathway between the mind and body, CBD oil’s impact on your dog’s endocannabinoid receptors will also calm its body and mind. With its anxiety or fear reduced, your dog will neither be aggressive nor bark excessively.

Try CBD Pet Drops or CBD Dog Treats to reduce dog barking.