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Do I Have to Refrigerate My CBD Gummies? Where to Store Them?

A common confusion that quite a lot of people share about CBD gummies is that they offer different benefits from CBD oil. That is not the case, however. CBD gummies and CBD oil offer almost the same advantages. Both of them are non-intoxicating, and their side effects are nearly non-existent.  Keeping that in mind, CBD gummies offer the benefit of being discrete so you can eat them anytime.

Additionally, there are various dosages when it comes to CBD gummies. These ranges vary from person to person. If you are someone who has just started, a single gummy could do the trick. You could be a CBD connoisseur, and there'd be a convenient serving size for you too. The quantity of CBD gummies one takes depends on the effects they seek from it.

Let's say, for instance, that you started taking CBD products recently; the ideal thing to do in this case would be to take one or a maximum of two gummies. Once you ingest the gummy/gummies, wait for an hour to notice its effects. However, if you happen to be an experienced CBD product user, going for 2 or 3 gummies would not be a bad idea, especially if one gummy is not potent enough to attain the results you are looking for.

Starting slow is never a bad idea when you are trying something new. However, since CBD does not have intoxicating effects, you will most likely not suffer from adverse effects even if you ingest too many of these gummies at once.

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Storing CBD Gummies

Because of CBD's meteoric rise in popularity, its products have more or less become a commodity. Users could face some difficulty in storing these goods. This is particularly true for CBD gummies, as there is a lot of contradicting information out there. You must know how to store them properly to prevent contamination and degradation.

Exposing CBD gummies to air, heat, and light should be one of your biggest concerns. The best method to store these gummies would be to keep them in a cold and dark place like your refrigerator. Fridges offer a controlled environment ideal to sustain the freshness of CBD gummies, making sure that they last long.

Why You Should Keep CBD Gummies Inside Your Fridge

If you leave gummies in an ideal environment, they can last for years with little to no degradation. A sealed, cool, and dark area are your best bet for storing these CBD delicacies. Modern refrigerators allow you to control the temperature, which offers a fair bit of flexibility. What this means is – you can save almost any type of CBD infused product inside a fridge to extend its shelf life.

Mentioned below are some factors that negatively impact the quality or taste of CBD gummies if you do not store them properly:


While the risk is quite minimal when it comes to insects, you should consider them when storing gummies. Sweet gummies, in particular, will attract some bugs if you leave them in the open. Before deciding upon a suitable place to store these candies, thoroughly inspect the surrounding area to make sure the area is free from insects.


CBD edibles can contaminate quickly if you leave them at room temperature. If you keep these edibles at room temperature for extended periods, expect them to deteriorate rapidly. Contaminated compounds lose their purity and are not ideal for consumption.

Heat Sources

There are several other things to be concerned about rather than just worrying about the sun. Exposing gummies to hot air in the kitchen or any area with too many lights will degrade them pretty quickly. Store the gummies in a fridge to prevent cannabinoid contamination.

Sun and Direct Light Exposure

Exposure to heat, light, and air, play a significant part in natural cannabinoid break down. To maintain maximum freshness, avoid keeping your gummies on counters close to windows where they may catch too much sunlight.

Humidity and Moisture

You have to consider numerous elements when storing CBD gummies properly. Humidity should be an essential consideration for every CBD product user. Wherever there is humidity, moisture follows. Too much exposure to moisture will contaminate the gummies by mildew or mold. You should also be wary of too little humidity as it can slowly degrade your CBD gummies' cannabinoids.

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