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Does CBD Oil Work Well for High Blood Pressure?

Cannabis is a big favorite among people, primarily because of its two compounds, CBD and THC. While THC has enjoyed great popularity for quite some time, CBD is currently grabbing all the attention. We believe more and more people are now turning to CBD for its non-psychoactive properties. CBD has the power to treat several medical conditions with its non-psychotropic capabilities via a variety of options, including tincturesoils, and even capsules.

CBD is now legal in many countries and comes from the cannabis plant.

CBD Oil and High Blood Pressure

Scientific research by the University of Nottingham proves that one dose of CBD oil can effectively reduce high blood pressure. The compound has potential properties that show a significant decrease in blood pressure once a person consumes a dose of it.

CBD may reduce your systolic pressure by producing cannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system.  The compound reaches your endocannabinoid system that contains receptors of the bones, skin, and the central nervous system. 

According to research, CBD contains analgesic and anxiolytic effects, which are beneficial in reducing hypertension and blood pressure associated with stress. In this research, the team conducted a test on adult males. The test proved that CBD brought down their systolic pressure by five mmHg.

Nine healthy males participated in the study mentioned above. They took 600 mg of CBD as the researchers monitored them with a laser Doppler and Finometer. The subjects who had consumed CBD had lower blood pressure and increased HR, as well as reduced the proneness to strokes.

Sam Williamson with CBD Bible UK told us that "Because CBD is a vasodilator, it relaxes and opens up the blood vessels and arteries, allowing for easier blood flow. This can help to lower blood pressure to normal levels."

According to what the study proved, when people administer CBD accurately, it reduces the resting blood pressure and minimizes the increase of blood pressure resulting from stress in humans. It demonstrates that people who take CBD oil can significantly reduce their blood pressure problems.

CBD Oil Supplement Dosages

You can find CBD oil supplements in the form of gummies, drops, capsules, tinctures, and oral sprays. You will often find CBD as a combination with coconut oil or hemp seed oil as a means of increasing absorption levels of CBD. As mentioned above, the researchers have proved to us that CBD can reduce high blood pressure by 60mmHg at an average, with a dose of these supplements.

A good way to monitor whether or not your dosage is correct is to physically track your blood pressure while using the product. Lloyd Martin with WriterLloyd told us that he uses a blood pressure monitor to conduct a test in order to see which products and doses work for him. "Using a liquid oil, take small drops using the dropper supplied, monitor blood pressure every couple of hours."

The study experts also recommend that if you are actively seeking a reprieve from high blood pressure problems, you must consume approximately 600mg of CBD. If you want to experience the best results of the compound, you must strictly adhere to the prescribed dose to ensure that the drug interacts with your system with accuracy. At the same time, experts also caution you against consuming large doses of the compound to lower your blood pressure. They recommend that you must only use CBD oil that third parties have rigorously tested for active elements and impurities.

We spoke with Kathrin Garner who utilizes CBD in her day to day life who weighed in on this topic. "You should be very careful with the dosage. The treatment should begin with a very small dose."

Side Effects

While we know CBD is full of beneficial medicinal qualities; some side effects may occur in some cases. There are indeed no psychoactive properties in CBD. However, you will find traces of THC in various CBD products. Since CBD oil comes from hemp, you may experience mood swings, anxiety, lightheadedness, panic attacks, and dizziness. These symptoms don’t occur in most cases, but if you are one of those rare ones, you may report to your doctor immediately.

Furthermore, nursing mothers and pregnant women must avoid CBD consumption at all costs. CBD can potentially affect the placental barrier by increasing its permeability, which can make the fetus vulnerable to detrimental substances and hazardous effects during development.

Final Thoughts

While studies certify the success rate of CBD oil in curing high blood pressure issues, you must always research before you start consuming it. If you want to use CBD oil as a medication, you must not take it without the approval of a doctor. Using CBD oil without proper knowledge of your condition may complicate matters if you are already taking over-the-counter medicines for other ailments.

The use of CBD oil is your personal decision, but you must first thoroughly educate yourself on the benefits and adverse effects before you consume it.