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Does Live Resin Contain Higher Levels of Terpenes Than Live Rosin?

The ever-expanding world of cannabis concentrates and extracts is still relatively new. People have tons of cannabis extract variations to choose from these days. Live Resin and Rosin are a couple of cannabis varieties that have gained a lot of popularity recently, which you can link to their potent high. Some users even regard these gooey looking cannabis forms as the most potent forms of cannabis present today. 

When compared to the effects of edibles like CBD gummies, Live Resin and Rosin are far more effective than average cannabis edibles like pot brownies. If you are curious about the seductive and sweet nectar of live rosin or if the sticky resin tar piques your interest, you can continue to read. This article will tell you all you need to know about their differences, and which cannabis form has the edge over the other.

Live Resin

Traditional methods of extracting cannabis like CO2 and BHO have some downsides associated with them. Keeping the need of experienced technicians and extensive equipment aside, these methods are quite severe and result in final products that are suboptimal at best. The traditional extraction method destroys and degrades terpenes as well as cannabinoids.

CO2 extraction for instance, although considered cleaner and safer than BHO, ends up destroying a majority of the terpenes. Similarly, BHO could help products achieve excellent potency. However, the dangerous process and toxic solvents that this method uses are often a cause for concern. For all of these reasons, the creators of commercial cannabis concentrates are always searching for safer and effective methods of extraction that could help them preserve the necessary constituents for the final product.

This is where live resin comes into play. It is a relatively new cannabis extract form that incorporates cryogenically frozen buds after harvest. These buds do not go through the dry and curing processes that other extraction methods involve.

Does Live Resin Preserve Terpenes and Active Compounds

Opposite to numerous methods of extraction, live resin conserves most of the cannabis’ active compounds. It also ensures that the terpenes remain undamaged. As a result, the concentrates have a zesty and rich taste, aroma, excellent therapeutic potential, and potency. Because live resin involves the use of fresh plants, drying and curing are not necessary.

If there is a downside to live resin, it is that freezing cannabis at subcritical temperatures requires the use of special lab equipment and machinery. Acquiring these things can be costly for hobbyists and sporadic growers. However, live resin is still among the purest extracts present and you can credit its high terpene profile and excellent extraction method for that purity.

Live Rosin

People often tend to use the terms “Resin” and “Rosin” interchangeably, thinking that they are the same. In reality, Rosin is an extraction process used for making potent extracts that appear quite similar to shatter. Live Rosin uses a completely different extraction method. Instead of using frozen cannabis plant material, it utilizes extra heat for extracting THC and resin from the plant.

The product that results from the Rosin extraction technique is amber-like substance, which is quite similar to renowned extracts like budder and shatter. The process is vastly different than extraction processes that make concentrates with the help of various solvents.

Live rosin production technique does not involve any solvents. However, you do have to expose marijuana to high pressure and heat for separating resin from the remainder of the plant. People often view this as a viable alternative for making shatter without needing to purge the end product from the remaining solvents.

Does Live Rosin Preserve Terpenes and Active Compounds?

Top quality live rosin requires special equipment. While there are some other simple methods available, they are not as effective. Because you will require a high level of pressure and heat, you can also use the extraction process by utilizing household tools. A lot of people who create live rosin at home tend to use hair straightener and other similar household tools.

The terpene levels in live rosin are lower than they are in live resin. The reason for that is clear i.e. this method heavily relies on pressure and extra heat, which damage the terpene profile and do not provide the zest that live resin does. However, it does not mean that there are no active compounds and terpenes in live rosin at all.

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