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How to Dab CBD

For those who are already familiar with THC concentrates, you must know that dabbing CBD is not much different from consuming THC rich concentrates. The process of dabbing, whether it is the medical marijuana component CBD or THC, requires the same equipment and tools. Those include a butane torch, dab rig, and a dab tool through which you release the concentrate into the banger or the nail.

The only real difference you will notice in CBD dabbing is that they will not produce the roller coaster, stoned feeling you normally experience with THC intakes. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, so it does not contain any intoxicating effects. When you dab CBD, you generally experience an overall feeling of relaxation and calmness.

However, coming back to the process, we have put together a systematic process to aid you in effective dabbing.

  1. Once you have arranged your CBD concentrate and dab rig, you need to begin by using heating up the nail using a butane torch.
  2. Continue to heat it until you can see the surface glowing red-hot.
  3. As similar to THC’s dabbing process, how long you need to wait to dab, the concentrate depends on how thick your nail or banger is. The material of the tool determines the waiting period. The most favorable temperature is between 320 to 356 degrees F to dab your CBD. Alternatively, if you measure it in Celsius, then the idea degree is between 160 to 180. Any temperature higher than this can potentially destroy the terpenes present in your concentrate.
  • The maximum it takes for the nail to heat up in twenty seconds and approximately sixty seconds for it to cool down. However, this estimate may vary as your nail or banger’s material determines. If you want to ensure taking the dab at the right time, we recommend using a particular app on your phone or a stopwatch to track the time accurately.
  1. With the help of your dab tool, carefully release your CBD concentrate on the surface of your nail and then slowly and gradually inhale the vapor as it erupts. It is better to continue inhaling so that you consume the maximum amount of the CBD concentrate vaporization. If you can manage to find easily, get a carb cap and place it over the nail so that you can trap the heat in it, and vaporize the content.
  2. You have to exhale the vapor immediately.
  3. After you have finished dabbing, you must clean the nail thoroughly to remove all residual content. Allow the nail sufficient time to cool down then use a cotton swab to wipe the inside of the nail. You may also use some rubbing alcohol, such as isopropyl so that you can apply it to the interior of your banger or nail.

Why Dab

It is not a hidden piece of knowledge that dabbing requires an extensive amount of preparation. From arranging butane torches, nails, bangers, dab tools caps, and other accessories to choosing the right concentration, the task is time-consuming. Under such requirements, you may feel baffled and wonder how worthwhile dabbing will be for you. Are there truly any benefits with this form of consumption?

To answer such queries, there a particular forum released quite interesting feedback from dabbers. Several dabbers of CBD shared they experienced positive effects after the process. The common advantages were a relaxing and calming effect and reduced levels of anxiety.

The primary advantage of dabbing is that it produces results faster than other methods. It seems that you can experience the calming, therapeutic effects of CBD merely minutes after you dab it. And this is why most people believe dabbing is a far more effective method because it provides then faster relief in opposition to the oral application. Before dabbing, people commonly used oral application more for CBD consumption.

We do not deny that the quickest and easiest ways of consuming CBD are to eat an edible version or drop some CBD oil in your mouth. The disadvantage, however, with this process is that with ingestion, your CBD cannot immediately enter your bloodstreams. It, instead, has to go through your digestive tract and from there on to the liver. It breaks down in your liver before it can finally mingle with your bloodstream, wherein the effects taking a long time in occurring.

Final Thoughts:

While the process of dabbing may seem tricky initially, with a little practice, you will soon be able to do it quickly. Furthermore, dabbing is one of the quickest ways of enjoying the maximum benefits of the concentration, especially if immediate relief is what you need.