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Is CBD Effective for Dogs with Anxiety?

Does your dog display anxious behavior? You can notice it by observing how your dog reacts to certain things. Maybe it barks excessively when you leave it alone for some hours; perhaps it's afraid to meet new people. It could also be scared of loud noises and finds somewhere to hide as soon as it hears a door shut, thunderstorm, or firecrackers. All of these are clear telltale signs of anxiety. 

In case your dog is nervous or stressed out, you can take certain measures to make it feel calmer. One of the best solutions, however, is to give it CBD oil or other CBD related products. But before we proceed any further, let us take a closer look at what is causing the anxiety.  

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Possible Reasons for Anxiety 

Anxiety impacts dogs in a variety of ways, and just like in people, some dogs are more vulnerable to it in comparison to others. There are two main areas where anxiety often falls into. They are: 

  • Behavioral: For instance, separation anxiety
  • Situational: Things like travel, strangers, fireworks, and thunderstorms

Common Dog Anxiety Symptoms 

If you notice any of the following traits in your dog, the chances are that it has anxiety 

  • Appetite loss
  • Constantly licking lips
  • Defecating or urinating on the floor inside your house despite being trained not to
  • Aggression
  • Trembling
  • Whimpering
  • Panting
  • Pacing

Fortunately, CBD oil can help with all of these symptoms, providing your dog the relief that it severely needs.  

CBD Oil – Does It Help With Anxiety? 

If you are new to CBD oil, you must be wondering what it precisely is. Well, CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring substance present in hemp plants. People have been using this plant for thousands of years for a variety of things, like creating ropes to medicinal use.  

Anxiety relief happens to be one of the most widespread medicinal uses of hemp. Initially, it was only used to cure anxiety in human beings; however, as time passed, it was discovered that CBD could also help with anxiety in some animals.  

Try CBD Pet Oil Drops or CBD Dog Treats to for dog anxiety.

Common Confusion between Marijuana and CBD 

People, especially if they are new to CBD products, often think that THC and CBD are the same things. This is mostly because both of them come from the same source, cannabis. However, they aren't the same at all. Of course, hemp plants include both cannabinoids, but the main difference is that it contains higher levels of CBD as opposed to tetrahydrocannabinol (also known as THC. THC is essentially the ingredient responsible for the mind-altering and psychotropic effects that people experience when they smoke marijuana or ingest edibles that contain marijuana.  

How Does CBD Oil Work? 

Research indicates that CBD interacts with the natural endocannabinoid system for calming and soothing anxiety in humans and animals naturally. The endocannabinoid system's discovery has been relatively recent; scientists are still trying to comprehend the depths of this complex biological system. One thing is for sure, however, and it is how the human and animal body consists of cannabinoid receptors all over the nervous system, the brain, and the organs. These receptors are collectively referred to as the endocannabinoid system.  

Whenever our bodies release endocannabinoid chemicals naturally or ingest them, they attach with receptors. These receptors stimulate our body's intrinsic ability to release endocannabinoid chemicals naturally and create serotonin. In case you do not know, serotonin is a natural mood-stabilizing chemical.  

What Is the Right Dosage of CBD Oil for Dogs with Anxiety? 

Product potency and your dog's size are the two main things to consider if you want to determine the right CBD oil dosage. Most renowned manufacturers provide guidelines of a single or two small doses per day. Mostly, the recommended doses are tiny drips (.05mg per pound). What this means is – if your dog is below 25 pounds, a bottle containing 600mg of CBD oil will probably last you around two months. It would be best to follow the manufacturer's directions, or better yet, discuss it with your veterinarian.  

Try CBD Pet Drops or CBD Dog Treats to for dog anxiety.

What to Expect After the First Dose 

Most dogs have different reactions to their first CBD dosage. Some get immediate relief, while others require a few days to benefit from its effects. It would be ideal for making notes after every dose to track your dog's recovery and notice changes.

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