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Live Resin Information & Education

Live resin is a kind of BHO (butane hash oil) retrieved from freshly harvested cannabis plants that go through the freezing process immediately after harvesting. Freshly harvested cannabis plants contain a variety of terpenes in them. These terpenes are higher in quantity in comparison to cannabis extracts obtained through traditional processes.

How Does Live Resin Work?

Manufacturers and cultivators freeze the fresh plant matter of cannabis, making sure that their product retains a higher level of water in comparison to traditionally dried and cured concentrates. Butane is water-soluble only at a specific temperature. To avoid contamination, manufacturers extract live resin at extremely low temperatures.

The extraction of the frozen and fresh plant matter takes place below -20 and -50-degree Fahrenheit. These temperatures make sure that the toxins coming out of butane do not pollute the extract since many cultivators use a solvent for washing the frozen cannabis. The final step in the process is to dry the extract by using a vacuum. The drying process eliminates various impurities, including the remnants of butane. Most manufacturers keep the temperature as low as possible during the boil-off procedure. They do this by storing the extract inside a vacuuming chamber.

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Live Resin – What Is the Point?

Ultimately, the fresh and cold process of extraction obtains an extract that possesses a higher quantity of terpenes. This is particularly true for the volatile and lightweight monoterpenes like Terpinolene and Myrcene. They are quite common in cannabis, but it is quite difficult to keep them around as the curing and drying process at incredibly high temperatures often damages them beyond repair.

However, once the cultivators flash-freeze the cannabis plant after harvesting, they can retain fuller terpene profiles. Most cannabis enthusiasts and patients these days are siding with terpenes. They believe that without these terpenes, the extracts lack specific effects, aromas, taste, potency, etc. Since live resin contains an abundance of terpenes, it has become an industry favorite.

Delving a Little Deeper

It must be abundantly clear by now that few organic compounds are as persuasive as terpenes. Even plants and insects utilize them for signaling, encouraging pollination, and fighting off predators. Trees emit terpenes too that lead to water vapors, which help in forming clouds.

Many organisms utilize various terpenoids for the synthesizing process of new cells and numerous other biological processes. Also, terpenes make a significant portion of the therapeutic content present in various essential oils.

Terpenes make the main difference when it comes to signify the effects of different cannabis strains. They also have therapeutic benefits. Although a large number of consumers realize that there are vast differences between cannabinoids like CBG, CBD, or THC, very few are aware that terpenes are essentially responsible for the smells, flavors, and taste of a particular strain of cannabis. More importantly, it is a difference-maker when it comes to the effects of a certain type of strain.

Medical cannabis patients especially benefit from complex profiles of terpenes. Higher counts of terpenes can break or make a strain when it comes to its therapeutic impact and aroma. Once again, the live resin extraction method proves to be a difference-maker here. Not only does it retain terpenes, but it also contains numerous other active compounds.

The Full Spectrum Effect of Live Resin

Products that contain full-spectrum cannabis retain the overall cannabinoid profile intact. This gives the user a more comprehensive cannabis experience. CBD, THC, and Terpenes combine to provide users with complete and dynamic physical and psychoactive effects, which ultimately lead to the creation of a superior product. A higher CBD and terpene profile also adds to the renowned entourage effect when someone consumes the product. As a result, users get a more enjoyable experience, although it still is subjective and can change from person to person. Suffice to say that live resins do a remarkably better job to retain terpenes in comparison to other extract forms.

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