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Live Resin: What Is It And Why Is It So Awesome?

Due to its concentration and aroma, live resin is rapidly gaining popularity among cannabis and hemp CBD enthusiasts. Live resin is particularly famous in the United States. Compared to a decade ago, people have significantly more knowledge about cannabis and hemp today. They know how they can benefit from it and the way to use it for leisure. This vast knowledge has come in handy for improving the quality of cannabis in a variety of ways, particularly when it comes to the processing phase.

Now, there are numerous ways of processing cannabis and hemp. All of these methods have their unique advantages and disadvantages. For people who want a higher terpene level and better flavor from their concentrate, choosing live resin would be the best way to go.

Live Resin – What Is It?

Often touted as a classier version of BHO, live resin utilizes a cryogenically frozen product in comparison to BHO’s dried bud. Freezing the freshly harvested product is vital for the live resin extraction process as it retains the active compounds and terpenes of the plant. In other methods, however, retaining active compounds is not possible because of excessive drying and curing. Plus, they also use a lot of heat and pressure, which significantly reduces the terpene profile. The effect is similar to exposing fresh vegetables to heat for too long, which destroys the nutrients in them. Freezing them, however, preserves their quality for a longer period.

Once you freeze cannabis immediately, you can retain most of its natural goodness and prevent degradation. Freezing allows you to extract more whenever you plan on making a concentrate.

Why Live Resin Is So Awesome

Live resin’s excellent quality is a major reason why it has become the talk of the town as of late. Concentrate lovers, in particular, have stared preferring live resin to other concentrates. Live resin’s taste is perhaps its most significant advantage. Compare it to the taste of concentrates retrieved from other extraction methods, and the difference will be night and day. Live resin promises a zesty and flavorsome aroma and taste. Its potency is also on the higher side. You might ask why. The answer is simple. Live resin preserves terpenes better than any other method does. As we discussed earlier, most methods rely on heating, which can impact terpenes negatively. Cooling at extremely low temperatures helps the plant to retain its flavors and numerous active compounds.

If you are new to the cannabis world, you may be wondering what terpenes are. Well, they are aromatic oils that the cannabis plant secretes. Terpenes are responsible for adding distinctive tastes and flavors like mint, berry, etc. The natural function of terpenes is to keep predators away while the cannabis plant continues to grow. There are more than a hundred terpene types out there.

The high level of terpenes present in live resin also ensures that the user feels its effects. Some may relax you, while others may have a major medicinal impact.

Live Resin Has Health Benefits

A large number of people use cannabis for medical reasons. A common use of cannabis is for treating nausea. Several high-level concentrates, including resin, are more than capable of alleviating various other systems too. Once again, terpenes play a crucial part in it – their excellent taste and aroma are not the only things that make them so great. They also deliver some health benefits. You can expect a lot of surprises in the future because a lot of research regarding the health benefits associated with live resin is ongoing.

For the time being, taste and aroma, along with a high cannabinoid level, are the main difference-makers in live resin. If there is a small con associated with live resin, it is that it can be slightly pricey. However, the price is there for a reason, as the equipment and specialized skills required to produce it are a bit hefty.

Suffice to say that live resin is worth a try for connoisseurs, as it is what people are saying about it – Awesome!