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Long-Term Effects of Using CBD

CBD comes from the cannabis plant, which has hundreds of other compounds that we recognize as cannabinoids. Researchers have been taking note of the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD. CBD oil is made by diluting CBD concentrations with a carrier oil, such as hemp seed or coconut oil. Online stores that sell CBD-infused products or just CBD oil recommend using it in a variety of foods e.g., salads, puddings, milkshakes, etc.

CBD does not seem to bring about any significant alterations in our bodies, but since some studies suggest that it has long-term medical effects, it’s an area worth discussing.

1.    Anti-inflammatory and Pain Relief Natural Properties

We are accustomed to seeing family members and friends taking over-the-counter or prescribed drugs for pain and stiffness, especially for joint and chronic pain. Some people have turned to CBD as a natural cure for pain. A study on rats showed that CBD has chronic inflammation-reducing properties.

2.    Drugs and Smoking Withdrawal

Researchers discovered promising proof that suggests CBD helps people withdraw from smoking and drug addiction. A study claims that smokers who used CBD-containing inhalers smoked less. However, you must not consider this as a confirmed treatment if you smoke tobacco in any form. You have to talk to your physician before you pick CBD inhalers as a treatment for smoking.

3.    Parkinson’s Disease

A study included random Parkinson's disease patients to receive a placebo i.e., CBD at 300 mg per day or CBD at 75 mg per day. After receiving the treatment, the patients had to rate their quality of life at a baseline. The group that consumed 300 mg of CBD per day scored their life quality remarkably higher than the group that took the placebo. However, another study also showed that CBD doses exceeding 300 mg per day intensified Parkinson’s disease.

4.    Epilepsy

The FDA thoroughly investigated and researched the safety and effectiveness of CBD oil in treating epilepsy patients. They approved the usage of CBD oil in the form of a drug called Epidiolex, and they used this drug as a therapy to tackle two rare conditions that are branches of epileptic seizures.

Doctors in the USA are now prescribing this drug to treat problems such as:

  • A condition called Lennox Gastaut syndrome. This condition comprises different types of seizures in the age group of 3 to 5.
  • A condition called Dravet syndrome that is genetically rare and involves frequent seizure episodes with fever, and occurs in the first year after the birth of a baby.

5.    GVHD (Graft versus host disease)

A study included 48 patients who had taken a bone marrow transplant to treat a form of blood cancer. They took 300 mg of CBD orally, seven days before their transplant, and continued for a month after their transplant. The CBD-treated patients became less vulnerable to a severe complication we know as GVHD that occurs following a bone marrow transplant.

6.    Dystonia

In another study, a handful of patients had to consume 100-600 mg of CBD each day for six weeks. They consumed the CBD dosage in addition to their regular medicines. When the study concluded, the result was a distinct improvement in dystopia in all of the patients.

7.    Cancer

Some researchers also suggest that CBD can possibly combat cancer. The reviews stated that CBD could help in halting cancer from spreading. We still need more researches with evidence to establish this as a fact, though. However, the researchers did note that the compound showed a tendency to restrict the rapid growth of cancerous cells and hastened their destruction. The study also highlighted the low toxicity levels in CBD. Despite such promising notions, we need to wait until science can establish CBD as a potential accompaniment to regular cancer treatments.

While it seems clear there is efficacy in leveraging CBD for a myriad of health benefits the scientific community continues to conduct research to identify benefits and long-term effects.

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