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Make Sure that Your CBD Comes from Hemp and Not Marijuana. Here is why

CBD has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. CBD products are now easily available in a variety of major drugstores and convenience stores, as well as here on ReeferLocal. There have been tons of ongoing CBD related studies, one who proposed that CBD products are not the same in most cases. Furthermore, most of these products do not even use the same cannabis type. 

Cannabis plants produce two types of CBD. They are: Marijuana and Hemp

CBD Derived from Hemp

CBD derived from hemp comes from industrial hemp plants. These plants are primarily cultivated for their seeds and fiber. Hemp plants are completely different from marijuana plants. They are quite skinny and do not contain much foliage. In addition, hemp's THC levels are significantly lower in comparison to marijuana plants. This is perhaps the best quality of CBD Hemp is it ensures that it is free from hallucinatory and intoxicating effects. According to the laws in the United States, hemp plants based CBD should have THC levels below 0.3 %.

Make Sure that Your CBD Comes from Hemp and Not Marijuana. Here is why.

CBD Derived from Marijuana

CBD derived from marijuana plants is the opposite of hemp-derived CBD. As far as the appearance of marijuana plants go, they have lush, thick flowers and foliage. Marijuana plants are mostly cultivated and consumed for their well renowned intoxicating effects. According to the United States government, any plant that contains above 0.3 % THC levels will be considered as a marijuana plant. Although a majority of marijuana plants have THC as the predominant cannabinoid, some marijuana strains contain an abundance of CBD as well.

Why Your CBD Should Come From Hemp

Hemp is a commercially harvested cannabis plant. The reason why it is harvested commercially is because of its stalks and seeds. They are used for creating a variety of products such as plastic composites, building materials, textiles, paper, body care products, medicine, food, and much more. The amount of CBD in a hemp plant product depends on the plants part from which it is made.

Hemp plants thrive in natural climates, which is why people usually grow them outdoors, sowing the female and male plants together for increasing seed production and encouraging wind pollination.

The reason why your CBD should come from hemp is that hemp CBD products have low THC levels. People who want to benefit from CBD properties usually try to refrain from euphoric effects. This is particularly true for people who are new to CBD. THC's effects can be quite overwhelming and drive people away from using CBD. In addition, THC levels in hemp are 33 times lower than marijuana strains with the least amount of potency; therefore, hemp users can't experience a high that they would usually experience with marijuana CBD products. 

Higher Cannabidiol Levels

Contrary to marijuana, hemp has naturally high CBD, which is among the most identifiable cannabinoids identified among cannabis plants. So, regardless of what the user’s age is, they can take Hemp CBD with no worries as it is significantly safer than its marijuana counterpart.

Marijuana is considered as a Controlled Substance

Because of the difference in Hemp and Marijuana’s THC levels, the law regulates them very differently. Although hemp was considered to be an illegal substance, according to the 1970 Controlled Substance Act, it is not anymore. 2018's Agricultural Improvement Act removed hemp's illegal status. It federally legalized hemp and all products derived from hemp that has THC levels below 0.3 percent.

On the other hand, marijuana is still federally illegal and considered as a controlled substance, according to the Controlled substance act.

Final Thoughts

There seems to be a lot of complexity when hemp and marijuana are the topics of discussion. However, as we discussed in this article, hemp and marijuana derived CBD are two completely different things. Users would be wise to choose hemp-based CBD products to get the most benefits. This is not to say that marijuana derived CBD is bad per se, but comparing it to hemp CBD will make you realize its potential downsides. CBD derived from hemp is significantly safer. You do not have to worry about experiencing adverse effects if you are a first-timer as long as you do not have any preexisting medical condition. Also, make sure that you read the labels of your specific CBD product to check its legitimacy and THC levels as some hemp products contain slightly higher tetrahydrocannabinol levels too.

This website only sells hemp-based CBD Products.