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What Are Terpenes?

The Terpenes present in various cannabis strains play a vital role in their psychoactive and physical effects. Not much was known about Terpenes initially, but its benefits are slowly becoming more evident as days go by.

Terpenes are perhaps the most underappreciated cannabis compound. They work silently to produce a plethora of therapeutic benefits that users seek from illegal or medicinal marijuana. Most people are aware of CBD effects (with high and low THC levels) due to the latest trends like adding it in gummies, bath bombs, smoothies, coffee, etc. 

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Smells and Flavors

Terpenes act as cannabis’ flavor molecules. These aromatic compounds are responsible for giving different tastes and smells. Think of how there is a rich aroma in Girl Scout Cookies, and citrusy smells in Sour Diesel. The reason behind it is simple – Sour diesel contains a terpene known as limonene; this terpene is extracted from lemons. Additionally, the citrusy flavor and scent add energetic and uplifting effects in this terpene.

The cannabis plant contains more than 200 identifiable terpenes. However, some specific terpenes show in abundance in comparison to other terpenes. These terpenes are also referred to as monoterpenes. Monoterpenes include well-known terpenes like myrcene, pinene, linalool, and other well-recognized terpene types.

Terpenes are vital to protect or lure plants against various animals. The succulence, bright colors, and tempting aromas in terpenes bought deers, bees, and various other herbivores close to plants, which assisted the plants in spreading their genetic material. Bitter or sour smells and tastes could deter animals from making sure that plants are safe from pests. It makes sure that the plants evolve and grow swiftly. Humans have only recently recognized terpenes' potential, which they utilize for creating special cannabis strains with a combination of different effects.

Terpenes and Trichomes

Cannabis terpenes are created in the plant’s trichomes. Trichomes are sticky and shiny crystals, shaped like a mushroom, which covers the buds and leaves of the plant. Human beings are capable of smelling terpenes and making deductions regarding the strains and their potential physiological effects.

The cannabis plant is incredibly diverse regarding its potential benefits and biological makeup. The same could be said about terpenes. Although there are hundreds of identified terpenes, their differences can be quite subtle.  There has been a lot of progress in terpene classification, which comes in handy for consumers and patients if they want to understand their various aromas and benefits. To make things simpler to understand, terpenes are broken down into bitter, spicy, sour, and sweet types. These categories are broken down even further according to their particular smells. These smells present in certain strains correlate to that plant’s particular effects.

Terpenes and Vaping

Just like carbonization destroys cannabinoids, it destroys terpenes as well. Keeping this mind, using a vaporizer that has a temperature control feature would be ideal to attain the maximum benefits of cannabis terpenes. Similar to cannabinoids, terpenes also have a distinct optimal temperature. These temperatures vary from terpene to terpene. Users can achieve the desired effect from their terpenes by doing some research on the particular terpene temperatures.

Cannabinoids and terpenes are the main compounds present in cannabis that work synergistically to produce their effects. Users should choose strains according to the effects of terpenes to get their result they’re looking for.

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Old Anecdote

Terpene's potential benefits are quite benefits. This naturally occurring, the organic compound does much more than enhance a user's cannabis experience. Its medicinal benefits, in particular, are well recognized. Various cultures from thousands of years ago have been using terpenes for their excellent healing properties way before they became popular. With researches still in progress, users can expect to find out many more benefits from this compound.

Final Verdict

Products with terpenes are becoming quite popular among mainstream audiences. As people learn more about its effects, benefits, and find out the correlation between cannabinoids and terpenes, they will only become fonder of it. As the legalization of cannabis moves forward, expect to see more terpene based products in stores. New brands and companies are already in a race to trying and meet people’s demands

Scientists have discovered that the sense of smell is the closest to our memories. Terpenes happen to be the main reason why people smell weed and immediately remember the times they smoked it. Regular cannabis users can especially distinguish between different flavors, profiles, and smell from various cannabis strains. Suffice to say, terpenes are an essential compound that makes cannabis so attractive for users.

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