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What Are the Best CBD Strains to Help You Battle Anxiety?

Anxiety is among the most pervasive health issues. Daily, we encounter huge numbers of people suffering from anxiety, and also many who experience alarming levels of stress in their daily routines. To combat this situation, scientists are actively probing deeper and deeper into the benefits of the cannabis plant. Several studies have given enough hope to cannabidiol (CBD) consumers, urging them to try CBD strains that can help them reduce their anxiety problems.

It is not merely cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, that take all the credit. Certain compounds, such as terpenes, also have a major role in eradicating anxiety. These compounds increase the potential of a strain to be therapeutic. Let’s take a look at some CBD strains for anxiety.

The type of CBD product you consume to battle anxiety is up to you, but some of the more popular options include Bath Bombs, CBD Beauty Products, CBD Body Lotion, CBD Candy, CBD Capsules, CBD Flower, CBD Gummies, CBD Honey Sticks, CBD Products for Pets, CBD Soap, CBD Tinctures, CBD Vape Juice, and CBD Vape Pens & Cartridges.

1.    Harlequin

Harlequin is a hybrid that is 75% dominated by sativa. This product is famous for its higher CBD and lower THC levels. The CBD to THC ratio present in this product is 5:2 with CBD levels, typically up to 8-16% and THC levels up to 4-7%. Harlequin, as per the claims of users, makes the head feel clearer and lighter, and patients feel more alert after using this product. 

This marijuana-featuring strain is successful in healing anxiety issues because it contains higher doses of CBD. This product makes a good choice for anxiety patients because it contains quite a low level of THC.

2.    Critical Mass

Critical Mass strain features traits similar to indica, which is responsible for its uplifting and calming effects. Manufacturers have given birth to modern variants of this strain to complement the CBD expression. The ratios of cannabinoids in this strain range from 8-12% of CBD levels and 5-8% of THC levels.

There are certain other strains, which contain limonene, another excellent component for treating anxiety. While Critical Mass does not contain limonene, it does feature caryophyllene and myrcene, which are equally excellent components for addressing anxiety problems.

As per the reviews we see from the users of this strain, Critical Mass is exceptionally good at creating happy, euphoric, and relaxed feelings in anxiety sufferers. If you are one such person experiencing tightness and tension in your body, perhaps this is a strain you might want to check out.


CBD Shark is a strain with 80% dominance of indica, a ratio that contains equal levels of THC and CBD. This strain is particularly beneficial for anxiety disorders and does not cause any intoxicating effects after consumption. CBD shark has a perfect balance of marijuana, and the strain promises to clear the mind while creating a relaxing and happy mood overall.

Professionals recommend evenings as the best time to consume this strain. CBD Shark contains sufficient THC levels to offer pain relief and also induce sleep with psychoactivity at the mere borderline.

4.    Royal Highness

Royal Highness is a strain where the CBD to THC ratio is typically 1:1 with THC merely a tad bit ahead. It is a strain that helps relieve anxiety, along with encouraging the fact that strains without heavy sedation can also treat mental health issues. 

The Royal Highness strain promotes social and physical activity due to its light sativa-focused effects and energizing sensation. Royal Highness is a strain with high levels of CBD, and it additionally contains terpenes, which reduce anxiety and help fight off worrisome feelings from the mind.

5.    Haoma

This strain has a 70% indica concentration and produces stress-releasing and calming effects. The ratio of CBD-THC typically present in this strain lies around 1:1, which means that some users may experience a psychoactive effect after consuming this strain.

The Haoma strain is helpful in dealing with anxiety levels because it contains high doses of CBD. There are a few variants of Haoma available that differ on the basis of varying levels of CBD. As mentioned earlier, Haoma features indica. So, people with anxiety who require marijuana strains simultaneously must consider this product. It will not just clear anxiety levels for them but also help them sleep easily.

Final Thoughts

A non-psychoactive CBD is especially beneficial in reducing anxiety, as it does not give a high sensation. We hope you find the right strain to help you get rid of anxiety problems soon.