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What is CBD Wax?

CBD has become a very common household name in the last few years, owing to its widespread popularity. The compound contains non-psychoactive cannabinoids that people believe has health benefits.

CBD comes in different forms, and it seems like each form is beneficial for a particular purpose. Among the many products, CBD wax is gaining immense attention from CBD enthusiasts. Some of you might not have heard of CBD wax yet. Read on to learn what it does, how one can make it, and how CBD wax could be helpful for you.


Wax is a form of cannabis concentrate. The reason why CBD wax is becoming so popular is that it contains high levels of potency. Because of CBD wax’s high potency, you can ingest high levels of CBD with lesser volume in the development. To phrase it simply, with CBD wax, you can achieve greater results with lesser portions.

The purest form of CBD is an isolate. The isolated material is crystalline in nature and contains only CBD, without the presence of other plant elements that are usually present in Cannabis. Like all other isolates, manufacturers extract CBD wax from the cannabis plant.  

Where CBD oil is concerned, producers generally mix carrier oil such as olive or coconut oil with the resin they have extracted. However, the process of achieving the final state of wax does not stop here. Instead of holding wax in oil form after the initial extraction, they have to further heat the product and stir it well to form thick wax lumps.

CBD wax mainly looks like brown or yellow and resembles snot’s resinous globule. You can easily identify whether the CBD wax is of good quality or poor because a poor quality wax will usually be sticky and look darker. All the difference lies in is how the producers make the wax.

High-quality CBD wax, on the other hand, will resemble yellow beeswax. It will be granular in texture and only a little sticky. You can buy CBD wax in the form of rolled-up sleeves that contain a number of doses. In each dose, there is a specification of how much CBD each gram contains.

With several concentrated CBD dabs and products, CBD wax is merely one specification. Producers make most dabs in a similar way, wherein they cook down the cannabis until they obtain an intensely concentrated dab they can use easily.

Types of CBD Wax

CBD wax is available in a few forms. It is helpful to know a little about each type so that you can make an uneducated choice, should you decide to use CBD.

For starters, you will never find products listed as CBD WAX. What you will most likely find CBD budders, CBD live resin, CBD shatter, and CBD crumble.

  • CBD budder producers purge hemp at high intensely high temperatures and use air pressure to create budder. With this process, they achieve a fluffy kind of wax, almost resembling the consistency of butter.
  • When producers want to make live resin, they first freeze-dry the hemp in its fresh form before they can begin the extraction process. In all other extraction methods, individuals use cured and air-dried hemp to make Wax. When one freezes hemp first, it increases the preservation of terpenes and cannabinoids, and the result is what we would call crème de la crème. The reason is that it is one of the costliest options for making a CBD product.

CBD Wax Suitability

CBD products are generally safe for use as they come from a natural source. Many people even prefer them as a healthy alternative to conventional over-the-counter medicines. Consumers prefer using CBD concentrates more than marijuana because it contains higher cannabinoid concentration and does not induce a high.

CBD even appears to be helpful in managing seizures, anxiety, chronic pain, and some mentally degenerative illnesses. Wax contains the purest form of CBD, which eliminates the presence of the other compounds of the cannabis plant.

By using CBD wax, you will also reduce the likelihood of lipid pneumonia, which is the result of unhealthy fat particles. These are generally present either in CBD oil or on the marijuana’s surface. Often times, individuals experience a burning and tough sensation when they smoke regular CBD concentrated marijuana. CBD wax reduces this occurrence because it does not contain any plant matter and other undesirable substances.

Final Thoughts

People believe that CBD wax has essential health benefits, mainly because it contains only the pure form of CBD with high strength. These attributes quicken the beneficial results you can experience with CBD as compared to other CBD products. Although the health advantages remain the same, CBD wax manages to bring forth faster results with a lesser volume intake, which makes it a preferable option in comparison to other CBD products.