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What is Dabbing?

You may have heard of dabbing as a popular dance move, but have you discovered CBD dabbing yet? If not, then read this article right until the end. CBD dabbing is one way to consume CBD products containing the compound’s concentrate.

We generally refer to such products as CBD dabs, and you can consume them through flash vaporization. After this step, you usually have to inhale the concentrated vapor. Because this process has rapidly become quite popular, we have seen a surge of new products flooding the markets. These products make dabbing even easier for you.

As we just discussed, dabbing is, as of now, the most popular way of consuming CBD. While you may find the process of dabbing quite baffling, you will find it easy once you get accustomed to it.

When you apply CBD wax to an extremely hot surface, you have to inhale the vapors, which is what we know as flash vaporization. This entire process is dabbing. When you begin to dab, you will first have to arrange for ‘dab rigs.’ You can find dab rigs in a huge variety of sizes and shapes as per your preference.

The nail is an essential part of a dab rig because it is this part where you vaporize your CBD wax. Manufacturers make these nails with materials such as titanium, glass, or ceramic, which users have to heat up with the help of a blowtorch.

When you get on to dabbing, all you have to is take a portion of CBD wax and add it to the surface of the hot nail. The wax will almost immediately transform into vapor here, which you then have to inhale. The inhalation resembles a traditional bong.

How CBD Dabbing Begins

To begin with, dabbing, select the right product; one that is specifically created for vaporization or dabbing. All of these products come with CBD wax, CBD isolated blends, and 99% of pure isolates of CBD. The CBD isolate blends also contain terpenes such as CBD shatter, terpsolate, and CBD sauce.

All these products have concentration and allow you to consume higher CBD mg in smaller amounts. CBD isolate generally means pure CBD, which manufacturers have separated from other unwanted plant materials. It is an isolate cannabinoid available for you.

Once you choose your product for dabbing, you next have to arrange for appropriate equipment, which includes a dab rig, nail, or a wax pen. Also, depending on what set up you choose, you may also require a carb cab, a torch, and certain other items.

You will have to heat the surface either electronically or using a torch. Then, you have to apply the CBD wax to the hot surface so that it transforms into a vapor, which you can inhale. You may also require a dabber, a small tool that helps you to manipulate, lift, and apply the CBD portion.

CBD Products for Dabbing Purpose

A few types of products with a high enough CBD concentration are appropriate for dabbing. The most popular so far is 99% PURE CBD isolate slab. This slab is, by far, the easiest product in terms of manipulation. In fact, it is better than powder as well and specifically made for dabbing purposes.

Apart from this, CBD isolate powder also makes a convenient vaping option for you, provided you have the right setup. The right set up would include a bucket on your dab rig or your electric pen having a donut coil.

Dabbable CBD

Included in the other popular styles of CBD dabbing are also terpenes plus CBD isolate. You can find these products in the form of sauce, shatter, or terposolate as people call them. These products contain CBD isolate that is ninety-nine percent pure and is infused with a blend of terpene profile. These products often take inspiration from strains, which are typical of famous cannabis strains. The inclusion terpenes in these dabbable products create a pleasant flavor in addition to the other health benefits it contains. However, this quality primarily depends on the profile of the terpenes and what qualities they have in them.  

Final Thoughts:

While there are no specific studies that suggest CBD dabbing products are more beneficial in comparison to others, may people appear to experience more relief and effective results from CBD dabbing? You can avail of these benefits for yourself by practicing the dabbing process and overcoming your initial hesitation. Once you get used to it, there will be nothing to stop you from dabbing like a pro.