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What is Live Resin, and how is It Produced?

Few experiences are as transcendent as getting close and personal with living, mature cannabis plants. Just one sniff off the buds of these plants can restructure one's expectations regarding the relationship between numerous complex fragrances and cannabis flowers. However, converting each distinct aroma and flavor to a consumable product is not as easy as it may seem. 

As soon as cannabis plants get harvested, they go through numerous intermediary processes. These processes are vital to turning the plant into a consumable product. While these processes achieve the desired result, the final product lacks the zest that all-natural cannabis plants have. You will notice that these products lack the valuable aromas and flavors of a mature cannabis plant. To make things worse, quite a lot of techniques for cannabis extraction eliminate these elements intentionally, giving consumers concentrates that lack entirely the essence that the plants originally carried.

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem, which helps to capture the aromas and flavors from living cannabis plants and provides that experience to consumers. The solution is "live resin."

Live Resin – What Is It and How Is It Manufactured?

Although Live Resin has been making waves in the cannabis world, not too many people know what it precisely is. Essentially, live resin is a cannabis concentrate type manufactured with a unique technique. The technique uses cannabis (freshly harvested) and freezes it at extremely low temperatures before and during the extraction process. What makes this process different form various other extraction methods is the little amount of time taken to cure and dry the plants before extracting. The curing and drying processes that cannabis plants often undergo have a negative impact on their terpenes. Having good terpenes is necessary as these trichome molecules are vital for the taste and aroma of every cannabis plant/flower.

When it comes to cured concentrates, cannabis plants get a certain time for wicking their chlorophyll and moisture before extraction. During this period, the trichomes have to face unfavorable conditions, which also have a negative impact on terpene preservation. Interactions like increased heat exposure, light, physical agitation, and oxygen play a vital role in the degradation of terpenes.

Why the Live Resin Manufacturing Technique Is Better

The live resin manufacturing technique ensures freezing of the plant immediately after the harvest. It rests in freezing temperatures throughout the extraction process, which helps the cannabis plant to retain its vital terpene profile. The successful completion of this process essentially retains the original fragrance and flavor of the plant. These elements can then carry over to the final products.

Live Resin Origins

Live resin’s origins date back to 2011 and 2013. A small team of extractors and growers from Colorado discovered it. One of the pioneers behind Live Resin was William Fengner. Him and another person who went by the pen name of "Giddy Up" were responsible for stabilizing and bringing live resin into the emerging scene of cannabis concentrate. They achieved this by creating a special BHO extractor that could maintain unusually low temperatures required for live resin production. They also combined their idea of using fresh and frozen plant materials to attain their extracts.

Working together, these two pioneers combined their knowledge and skills to create methods that could extract concentrates with extremely high terpene levels. These extracts were significantly higher than the ones that utilized cured resins.

How to Consume Live Resin

There are various ways to take Live Resin. One of the most renowned ways is known as dabbing. Dabbing makes use of a special kind of water pipe, known as a dab rig. Some people also use a flat bowl known as a nail. The materials used for making nails can withstand high temperatures. You can also sprinkle live resin on a bowl of flower wrapped around a blunt or joint. Some people also sprinkle it on a flower bowl inside a glass pipe. The unique combination of live resin extract and cured flower provides users with heightened experiences along with some extra zest.

Live resin is an important reminder for every cannabis enthusiast to enjoy “something special” in life. Sure, simpler extracts can provide you all the benefits you need, but the added taste and aroma that live resin offers significantly adds to the experience. 

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