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What is the Difference between CBD Wax and Shatter?

CBD products are of a considerable range. The most mysterious among all the products are the CBD concentrates. A concentrate contains only the purest forms of CBD and nothing else besides. This purified form is usually available in powder form, or CBD isolated. However, you can find concentrates on many other types too. 

Among the other forms is CBD shatter. Like all the different CBD concentrates, shatter is essential in the process of dabbing. 

What is ‘Shatter’?

CBD shatter is a form of CBD isolate, which means you will only find CBD present in it with no plant compounds or cannabinoids. The texture is the reason why we refer to it as shatter. This texture is generally brittle and hard and will shatter when one handles it. The solid-state may look similar to CBD wax, but you can spot the difference when you handle this CBD product. 

When manufacturers have to make CBD shatter, they turn to the hemp plant to extract cannabinoids. At this point, it is generally impossible to draw CBD out singularly. Therefore, you will also see the presence of other plant compounds in an array during this phase. The producers have to then repeatedly filter the extract until they are pending with nothing else besides the CBD.

The manufacturer or producers must set the isolate at this point. If they keep the isolated strain undistributed and away from light and heat changes, it will set in the form of a shatter. 

If we compare shatter with other isolates, we will find the same potency. The consistency depends entirely on your preference. 

Difference between CBD Shatter and CBD Wax

If you ever compare the two CBD products, you will find remarkable similarities between the two. You will see both of them as CBD isolates, both in yellow-amber color and both being essential for dabbing. You can, therefore, get entirely confused between the two based on such similar features. 

Firstly, the best way of telling the two apart is by closely observing their appearance. You will find shatter more shiny and transparent, whereas wax will appear more opaque and also extra yellow.

The production process of the two is also quite similar. It is when producers do not disturb the cannabis concentrate that the product takes the shape of a shatter instead of wax.

Using CBD Shatter

Some people think that they can use CBD shatter in cooking, such as CBD infusion in butter. However, if one melts down the ‘shatter,’ it may damage the cannabinoids and render then incapable of effect. If you wish to include CBD isolates in your cooking, you must look for isolate tinctures, powders, and crystals, which are better options.

Nevertheless, CBD dabbing remains the best method so far from consuming shatter. We categorize dabbing as smoking CBD because it includes some form of vaporization. When you want to dab, you have to take a small isolate amount and add it to the nail or hot plate and then breathe in the vapor. 

To begin dabbing, you need to arrange the appropriate equipment for it first. You could ideally start with a dab rig. A dab rig ensures that you can safely heat the nail and experience the best of the dabbing process. Some users feel more comfortable with additional tools, such as instruments that conveniently remove the shatter from the tub.

You will find CBD shatters mostly in a tub containing 1g. You need a tiny amount to dab. With potency at 90%, you need to bear in mind that you are breathing in a tremendously potent CBD. You can also use CBD shatters in certain vape pens and vaporizers, but for that, you will first have to find ones that are designed explicitly for concentrates. 

Benefits of Shatter

Many people are quite sure of CBD ‘s many potential benefits. A review published in 2017 suggests that cannabidiol has the potential to genuinely boost the health of those individuals who take a small dose of it daily.

However, Science has a lot more investigation to undergo before it can establish any confirmed facts for us. A lot of people appear to believe in CBD’s anecdotal properties and think that it can cure several health ailments for them. 

Final Thoughts

CBD users generally prefer products that are more versatile in a way that they produce more significant and faster results with lesser volume. The best CBD products for this purpose are ‘shatter and wax,’ which are not very much different truthfully. Products having full-spectrum cannabinoids help bring about faster positive effects of CBD compared to those that merely contain around 13 to 19% of the compound at the most. 

Shatter especially makes an excellent product choice. Early dabbers may experience a little difficulty initially. All you need to remember is to take only a tiny bit first before you dab.