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When to Use CBD Capsules Instead of CBD Oil

Are you new to CBD products? If so, you may have realized that shopping for them can be quite challenging, especially in the beginning. For instance, you don’t know which CBD product to choose and what will suit your needs. After all, there are numerous products to choose from – you will find vape pens and cartridges, beverages, gummies, e-liquids, capsules, oils, and much more (ReferLocal even sells CBD for dogs).

In case you like to vape, and you own an e-cigarette, you will most likely choose CBD e-liquid. However, choices can be less clear for those who don’t. CBD capsules and oils are two of the most popular hemp-derived cannabis products in the market. Because of their vast popularity, narrowing down your options between these products can be quite tricky. However, there is no need to worry as we will discuss what makes these products different and when you should use CBD capsules instead of oil.

Essential Considerations for Choosing between CBD Oils and Capsules

You must consider several things when choosing between cannabis-based oils and capsules. Firstly, think about your reasons for using CBD. If you take it for overall balance and general purposes, both tablets and oils are ideal choices.

Then comes the factor of bioavailability. Our bodies process products differently. When comparing oils and tablets, the body indeed absorbs oils and other sublingual tinctures quickly. Capsules, on the other hand, take some time to digest.

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When You Should Consider Taking CBD Capsules Rather than Oil

Although the benefits these goods provide are more or less the same, there are some particular scenarios where you will find capsules to be a better option. Let us go through some of the cases where capsules prove to be better alternatives to oil:


Despite CBD oil’s mainstream popularity, some people still consider using it and other cannabis-related products a taboo. If you live or work around people who have strong opinions against CBD usage, using oil may not be the best idea.

Capsules, on the other hand, will provide you with a discreet alternative. They look similar to traditional pharmaceutical pills, and no one will be able to tell what you are consuming. The tablets will make sure that passersby or coworkers do not look at you with prying eyes. Not to mention, you benefit from CBD’s various benefits with subtlety. 


Do you lead a busy life and are always on the go? Using CBD oil in this situation could be a hassle. Carrying small bottles of tinctures around can sometimes be tricky. The container could leak or, worse, break. You don’t want all the trouble that comes with either scenario.

Once again, capsules prove to be a handy alternative in cases like these. They are as convenient as they come, particularly for people who travel a lot – as this non-liquid option does not make a mess.  Swallow your pill with a glass of water similar to how you would take your vitamin supplements or any other tablet.


As you may know, CBD oil tends to be quite bitter. Usually, people do not have a problem with it. However, some never become accustomed to it. If you are one of these people, capsules are an excellent taste-free alternative. Most tablets are flavorless, yet they offer all the advantages that CBD oils do.

Long-Lasting Effects

As discussed earlier, any CBD product that you can take sublingually provides immediate effects. Since liquids do not take much time to digest, they enter your bloodstream pretty quickly. Therefore, CBD oil works its magic in minutes. However, the impact does not last long. It will most likely wear off within an hour if you are a new user and minutes if you have a high tolerance.

Capsules, on the other hand, have long-lasting effects. Quite a lot of people prefer to experience a lasting impact on their CBD products. For them, capsules will be great. Once you swallow the pill, it will enter your body and take some time to break down. Only then will you start noticing its effects. People with chronic pain, in particular, will prefer capsules as they do not need to take it frequently.

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Final Thoughts

Potency, availability, and price are a few basic things to consider when choosing between CBD capsules and oil. That said, if taste, convenience, and discretion are vital for you, there is no better option than pills with cannabidiol.

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